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   Compositions followed by the RED speaker icon link to an AUDIO file.
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2.  Military Bands

   U.S. Air Force Band
   Leroy Anderson conducting ref 1

    Composer/conductor Leroy Anderson introduces each composition in the order in which they were performed.

  • The Captains and the Kings 1962

  • A Trumpeter's Lullaby 1949 Audio/Video

  • Belle of the Ball 1951 Audio/Video

  • The Phantom Regiment 1951

  • Serenata 1947

  • Clairinet Candy 1962

  • The Syncopated Clock 1945

  • Bugler's Holiday 1954

  • The Waltzing Cat 1950

  • Home Stretch 1962

  • Blue Tango 1951

  • Sleigh Ride 1948

   U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command Band
   Band Of The Golden West
   Captain Philip C. Chevallard, Commander conducting ref 2

  • The Golden Years (4:15)

  • A Trumpeter's Lullaby (3:04)
       Airman First Class Rob McConnell, trumpet

  • The Syncopated Clock (2:10)

  • The Typewriter (1:40)
       Master Sergeant Iris McBride, percussion (typewriter)

   U.S. Army Field Band
   The Musical Ambassadors of the Army
   Captain Philip C. Chevallard, Commander conducting ref 2

  • Sleigh Ride (3:02) Audio

  • Sleigh Ride (3:02) Audio/Video

   U.S. Coast Guard Band
   Lt. Lewis J. Buckley, Director conducting ref 3

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      Click anywhere on each image to play the music

      Click anywhere on each image to play the music


The Music
  1. All Compositions are by Leroy Anderson except where indicated.

The Recording Sessions    
  1. Recorded February 27, 1972 at Constitution Hall, Washington, D.C.
  2. Recorded at Travis Air Force Base, California
  3. From the album: The Musical Sounds of the Season, Recorded May 22, 1981 at Leamy Hall Auditorium, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, New London Connecticut

  1. All instrumental compositions and arrangements of Leroy Anderon's music: © Woodbury Music Company LLC

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