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4a.  BBC Concert Orchestra
   Leonard Slatkin conducting ref IV a

  • Alma Mater (6:30) Revised work of "Harvard Sketches" (April, 1939)
  •   Chapel Bells (1:31)
  •   Freshman on Main Street (1:27)
  •   Library Reading Room (1:48)
  •   Class Reunion (1:44)

  • Chicken Reel (3:05) Completed March 18, 1946

  • Classical Jukebox (3:09) 1950

  • Governor Bradford March (2:22) Completed May 24, 1948

  • Harvard Festival, A (6:13) 1969

  • Harvard Sketches (4:49) 1939
  •   Lowell House Bells
  •   Freshman in Harvard Square
  •   Widener Reading Room
  •   Class Day Confetti Battle

  • Lullaby of the Drums (3:15) Completed August 6, 1970

  • March Of The Two Left Feet (2:24) Completed Sept 18, 1969

  • Melody On Two Notes (1:55) 1966

  • Mother's Whistler 1940 (3:30) 1940

  • Old MacDonald Had A Farm (3:16) 1947

  • Scottish Suite (11:38) 1954
  •   Bonnie Dundee (2:51)
  •   Turn Ye To Me (2:20)
  •   The Bluebells of Scotland (2:06)
  •   The Campbells Are Coming (3:10)

  • Seventy-Six Trombones, Willson, arr. Anderson (2:57) 1958

  • Song of Jupiter, Handel, arr. Anderson (4:13) 1951

  • Ticonderoga March

  • To A Wild Rose, Edward MacDowell, arr. L. Anderson (2:11) 1970

  • Waltz Around The Scale (2:43) Completed November 30, 1970

  • Whistling Kettle (1:44) 1966

  • Wintergreen for President (orchestra) (1:25) 1932

  • Woodbury Fanfare (0:55) 1959

Leonard Slatkin recorded the complete catalog of Leroy Anderson's works with the BBC Concert Orchestra. These recordings were released on 5 compact discs by Naxos International to coincide with the Leroy Anderson Centenary in 2008. Here we present the recordings from these sessions which include compositions not recorded by Leroy Anderson. As noted, some of these recordings with the BBC Concert Orchestra are the first recording of an Anderson composition. A few recordings represent a world premiere performance.

4b. Arrangements of Music by George Gershwin and Richard Rodgers 
   Boston Pops Orchestra
   Arranged by Leroy Anderson ref IV b

  •   Girl Crazy Suite, John Williams conductor (5:24)
  •   Richard Rodgers Waltzes, Arthur Fiedler, conductor (5:45)

4c.  Arrangements of Music for Orchestra and Violin
   Arthur Fiedler conducting a studio orchestra for RCA Victor Records
   Nathan Milstein, Violin
   Arranged by Leroy Anderson (1950) ref IV c

  •   Felix Mendelssohn: On Wings of Song, Op. 34, No. 2 (3:04)
  •   Stephen Foster: Old Folks At Home (3:41)
  •   Franz Schubert: Ave Maria (4:14)
  •   Franz Schubert: Serenade (4:20)
  •   Gabriel Fauré: Après un rêve, Op. 7, No. 1 (2:35)


The Music

The Recording Sessions    
  • IV a Recorded 2007 at Watford Colosseum in Watford, Hertfordshire, England, U.K.

  • IV b Recorded 1979 for Decca Records

  • IV c Recorded with a studio orchestra for RCA Victor Records at the Manhattan Center, New York, New York in January 1950.

  • 4a. Music from Goldilocks: © Woodbury Music Company LLC and Sony Music Publishing obo Ankerford Music Corp. The copyrights to all other instrumental compositions by Leroy Anderson are held by Woodbury Music Company LLC.

  • 4b. Woodbury Music Company LLC makes no claim to the copyrights of Girl Crazy Suite and Richard Rodgers Waltzes.

  • 4c. Woodbury Music Company LLC owns the copyrights to the Leroy Anderson arrangements of On Wings of Song, Après un rêve, Ave Maria, Serenade and Old Folks at Home.

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Complete Music Reference for Leroy Anderson

  • A "Complete Music Reference" for Leroy Anderson is located on the other official website for Leroy Anderson: www.leroyanderson.com
    Here you will find a complete list of all compositions and arrangements with detailed reference articles about numerous musical works not duplicated elsewhere. You will also find a complete biography of Leroy Anderson in English with shorter versions of the biography in eight other languages.